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I'm editing my blog so things are a lot messed up and shit happens. ARGGHHHHHHHHHHH silap la tak buat backup. FML FML FML FML.
Don't you just hate bila tukar the whole HTML and dah lama edit baru sedar lupa nak buat backup. And my comment section is stilllll broken. Huaaaaaaaaaaaa. Dear google, why la why 3 times report oredi how much you want more?
My life sucks... bye guys.. esok aku sambung..



mind, mess, and quote image
I used to tell stories
I used to have feelings
I used to make memories
I used to have wings
I used to be happy
I used to go flying
I used to made merry
I used to do things
I wanted to say hye
Instead I screamed bye
I wanted to be free
Instead I'm tied to the tree
I wanted to believe my eyes
Instead it was all lies
I wanted to look up the sky
Instead I look down and cry
I wanted to lay in bed
Instead it felt like I'm d...

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