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I was lost
In the dark
All it cost
Is a little spark
The spark is you
Giving hope
And with that hope
It just like a rope
Pulling me out of the dark
With your spark
I see the bright
Of the light
The light you provide
Nowhere for me to hide
I will hide no more
Because now I'm free
I'm not like before
I am me
Pendek je. Still sucks. erghh.
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I close my eyes
And feel the wind
Scratching my skin
Like little pins
I dream my dream
And I see you
I dream my dream
When I'm in blue
Then I see green
Like jelly beans
I feel calm
Like the wind at my palm
And when it's dusk
I hear them busk
The wind by the ocean
Synchronizing this reddish moment
And when it's pitch black
There's a shadow
Showing from the back
Of the shoes you borrow
The shadow you know
Trail up a bright
Appearing the yellowish white
Of the moonlight.
Is it me or it's always sucks?
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You call me
With many names
None of it
Is my name
You look down to me
Like I'm a rat
You wanted me
To be catch
You are evil to me
Cause you think you're better
But as you see
You no better than me
You lower yourself as a bully
You make fun of me
You make my life a misery
But as time goes by
All you'll ever achieve
Is nothing more
Than being a bully
You're mistreating
Take a beating
Names you calling
You'll be hated
You'll be insulted
You'll be ignored
And people may forget
Who you are
But never forgotten
What you've done.
Okay I know that it's not good but I did my best. But it's about bullying. You cannot stop bullying. But you can do something to make people understand that bullying is wrong. Everybody have been bullied but that doesn't mean it's okay. IT'S NOT OKAY TO BULLY. Say something. Don't stop hoping. I've been bullied and I did something. I ignore the insults and I told some people about it. They give me support and strength. Do something. Say no to bully! I was inpired by reading The Good Girls' Bad Boys at wattpad. Hahahahaahah it's a veryyy good book trust me. Okay bye guys. Assalamualaikum.
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adjective, imperfect, and not perfect image

Dear Mr. Faulty
I am sorry
You can't fix the cake
That you break
I know you have tried
And tried
And tried
I know you have failed
And failed
And failed
Dear Mr. Faulty
I am sorry
I know it's hard to take
From a stranger by the lake
That you can't fix that cake
Which have already break
Some people makes mistake
But don't try to be fake
All you can do is to make
Your own special cake
Free from the break
Oh dear Mr. Faulty

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