Here I am
Alone again
Waving to people
Oh such pretend
My smile is fake
Just like a cake
Without sugar
It tasted bitter
I keep the sorrow
That I borrow
From a stranger
Outside my window
It reminds me
About a lie
That to live
A happy life
Needs to give
A little smile
It is worth
To feel alive
It's not good right?
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Young and free
Wild they can be
Reckless and rebels
To live
And be happy.
We are youth
Filled with love and hate
We are living like renegades
We live the way we want
Gain something by hunt
We are stupid and mischievous
Some are nerds and some dangerous
Yet we are one
Equally chasing the chance
To live
The life
To the fullest
Is it good?
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